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Marttiini Finland. Quality knife with folding blade. A knife made of stainless steel, suitable for camping and tourism, size of the blade: 9.0 cm, Manufacturer: Martini Finland

Marttiini Finland. Quality knife with folding blade. A knife made of stainless steel, suitable for camping and tourism, size of the blade: 9.0 cm, Manufacturer: Martini Finland


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  • Model: 930115
  • Manufactured by: Marttiini Finland

A classic hunting or tourist knife with a folding and reinforced blade, the knife is made of stainless steel suitable for camping and hiking.

The folding knife is manufactured in Finland. A handy knife made of stainless steel, suitable for general use for activities in the wild. An ergonomic wood handle made of curly birch.

Technical data:

Blade length: 9.0 cm, Handle length: 12.5 cm, Thickness: 3 mm. Total length: 21.5 cm.

Blade Material: stainless steel, Blade Hardness: HRC 56-58, handle material: curly birch, Manufacturer: Marttiini Finland

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The Marttiini knives are manufactured in Finland and their original creator is Janne Marttiini, who founded the factory in 1928.

Marttiini knives are a symbol of prestige, tradition and quality and are well known all over the world.

The Marttiini knives stand out for their durability, smart design and high quality, making them the best choice for many craftsmen and hunters.

The Marttiini knife company is without a doubt one of the main manufacturers of quality crafted fishing and hunting knives.

Founded back in 1928 by Janne Marttiini, a blacksmith and born in a small town in Northern Finland, he initially worked for other craftsmen as a farmer with agricultural implements, axes, small tools and hand-made knives, but in 1928 he founded own forge in Rovaniemi.

The demand for these quality and good knives increased in the 1930s, and Janne Marttiini built a larger factory to meet the demand.

In 1944, the factory was destroyed during World War II, but was later rebuilt in the middle of Rivaniemi, and today the old factory has become a museum, symbolic of the Scandinavian knife traditions.

All handles used for the production of Marttiini knives are manufactured directly by Marttiini at their headquarters in Laukka and Rivaniemi.

Different types of wood are used for their production. Traditionally, the handles are made of curly birch wood from Finland. The curly birch used in Marttiini knife handles and pocket blades only grows in the middle of Finland. This solid material is very suitable for knife handles. Because of its limited availability, this tree is more valuable than the ordinary Finnish birch, which is another material also used in large quantities.

To meet international market requirements, Marttiini are already using other timber, such as hazel and rosewood.

These beautiful and solid woods give the knife a more exotic and stylish look.

As a company located in Lapland, Marttiini has always wanted to emphasize the Lapland traditions in knife manufacturing. These features have inspired knife designers working at Martini. Marttiini knives are made of rich combination of materials, deer bone, horn and curly birch. The handles are handmade and engraved with mythological style; each Martini knife is an individual masterpiece.

The most used materials for the Marttiini knife sheath is the bull skin. In order to find the best quality leather, Marttiini devotes many hours of work and numerous tests. Nowadays the Marttiinni knife sheath skin is imported from Italy and Spain . The leather sheaths are all handmade, they are sewn and glued.

Each Marttiini knife is tested before leaving the factory; unique quality control is kept, so the inscription J. Marttiini, Finland could be proudly affixed.


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